Exterior and interior

Business center Elbetitza

Exterior and interior of Elbetitza

The architecture of Elbetitza Business Center is a quintessence of modern urban life – a fusion of classical shapes and innovative materials. The combination between natural stone and the suspended glass façade system harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment and yet it is memorable with its aesthetic imprint. Thanks to the ornamental façade elements organic fusion is achieved between glass and stone, between density and tracery, between light and dark hues. The exterior and interior parts of the business center are inspired by the sensation of airiness and light ennobling the surrounding urban environment and invoking positive working atmosphere. The central lobby, the staircase, the floor landings are made of high-quality finishing materials in mild color tonalities. The luxury wooden lining in the lobby imparts sophistication and creates an excellent first impression in the business center visitors. The big clear height in the working premises ensures the abundant daylight penetration thus guaranteeing healthy and motivating working conditions. The color range and materials of the flooring, walls and the furnished common premises are also subordinated to the concept of lightness and balance of the interior.

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